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In our company CDL CLASS A Owner Operators are always welcome. Equipment must meet all DOT and company safety guidelines. 

Apply to Drive or Call us today at 1-888-283-6958 to learn more about becoming part of the MB Global Logistics team!

Benefits for Owner Operators

Owning and operating in any industry can be tough work but also offer multiple benefits. Both require an investment in time and money and must be done right in order to be successful.
Being a truck owner in the trucking industry means being responsible for the expenses of owning a truck, from insurance and fuel to repairs and maintenance. It means having more say in the decision about your truck and the company for which you use it.

Individualized Equipment

Owning your own truck lets you customize and upgrade it as you wish. Whether you want to invest in more plush seats or a more advanced audio system, the choice is up to you. Choose a truck best suited to your needs, and make it work for you.

Schedule Flexibility

For owner operators typically are more easily able to create their own schedule and therefore take time off work. This flexibility is especially important for drivers who may not want to work nights or weekends or drive in certain geographic reasons. It’s important to remember, though, that taking advantage of this flexibility may negate the higher pay for those who own their truck often enjoy.

Reduction in Forced Dispatch

Though most truck drivers must deal with forced dispatch, truck owners don’t have to adhere to such guidelines. They have more choice in what loads they take and when they have to be delivered.

Team Terms

Many team drivers are matched with someone based on their experience, personality and preferences. However, owner operators are able to choose who, if anyone, they want to ride with them. This includes a spouse, colleague or even a furry friend!

As you can see, prestige and flexibility are only a few of the advantages of being the owner of the truck. It’s important to remember, though, that it requires a substantial investment and commitment. You must remember to perform regular maintenance and repairs on your truck to ensure it’s able to carry the loads with which you’re tasked. Plus, you may have more limited availability to the insurance and benefits offered as a company driver.
When choosing to be a truck owner, a major decision you have to make it for which company you want to work. At MB Global Logistics, our owner operators are treated as a business partners, and our combined experience of being drivers, freight specialists, dispatchers and brokers gives us the advantage over other similar companies. Apply to Drive now or Call us today at 1-888-283-6958 learn more about becoming part of the MB Global Logistics team!

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