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Team Driving

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In our company Team CDL CLASS A Drivers get:

$3,800-$5,900+ (split) weekly take-home money after all expenses without owning equipment. 24/7 Friendly Dispatch.
You focus on driving, we will deal with everything else.


States Operated


Miles per Week​


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Benefits of Team Driving include:

Being part of a team is important to a lot of people. It means making important decisions together and sharing in success.

In trucking, team driving involves two people driving the same truck and sharing the responsibilities involved with that. They not only share driving time but also the functions involved in being a truck driver: ensuring the safety of the load and truck, maintaining a regular schedule and paying the necessary fees. There is currently a high demand for those interested in driving in a team, so check out the following benefits to see if it’s a good fit for you.

More Miles

As we already said, more miles usually mean more money. Team driving lets truckers spend more time on the road to log more miles. It also increases productivity because loads are delivered more quickly, and drivers can rest knowing they have a team member on whom they can count throughout their drive.

More Money

Let’s face it – most people would like to earn more money in their job. In trucking business team drivers are often able to make more money than going solo. Although they split the money they earn per mile, they are able to drive longer because of the share responsibilities. Therefore, they can earn more money in less time through more miles. Without having to stop overnight to sleep, team drivers can keep a truck moving almost non-stop to reach their delivery on time.

Less Solitude

Though some people enjoy the quietness of driving solo, many drivers like knowing they have company throughout their drives. No matter how much experience you have as a truck driver, driving in a team offers shared decision-making and communication, especially when well-matched. Plus, when you have someone to share the drive, you don’t have to worry about fatigue stopping your trip or making it less safe.

More Support

Having a team member with you gives you the security of knowing you’re not alone, whether it’s in making a decision about your load or simply having a companion which whom to communicate. You can share your knowledge and strengths to become a formidable team and gain a friendship while doing so. You also can share in stressful decisions or situations and solve them as a team.

Team driving can offer a higher pay because the load is moving more often and can get to its destination quicker. Traveling with another team member means you share responsibility of your truck and load and the safety and security of them. Also, when you’re not driving just yourself, you can pass the time with another person and the enjoy the friendship the truck industry often fosters. Apply to Drive now or Call us today at 1-888-283-6958 learn more about becoming part of the MB Global Logistics team!

Why Choose MB Global Logistics?

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No Long-term

No long-term contracts required.


Reward program available.

Pets allowed

We allow you to have pets.


We allow to have passengers.

Fuel Network

Nation Wide Fuel Network.

Cash Advance

We have a cash advance option.

No Startup Fees

No startup fees no out of pocket money.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit and EFS available.

Home Time

You’ll get the breaks you need and the time with your family that you deserve.


We know that training is crucial. MB Global Logistics provides top notch orientation process.


All Trucks (Freightliner Cascadia & Volvo) and trailers (53' Dry Vans) are 2017-2020 models.


With competitive pay and a bonus program, you’ll always have the opportunity to go higher in your career.

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